Monday, March 31, 2008

Watch reminds you of your own mortality

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Just in case you forgot the Grim Reaper has an appointment with you in the future, there is a new watch that never lets you neglect that little fact. While the concept may seem a little morbid, the idea is to remind the wearer that life is short and you should take the time to smell the roses while you are still here.

The watch is called The Accurate and is designed by Crispin Jones. While looking like most analog watches, the thing that sets this timepiece apart is the hands of the watch. The hour hand reads “remember” while the minute hand displays “you will die”. The face of the watch is also mirrored so that your image is reflected while you look at the time. This is apparently so you can’t deny who the mortality message is aimed for.

Priced at $145 dollars, The Accurate comes with a 12 month guarantee from defects. Unfortunately, life holds no such guarantee which I guess goes back to the message The Accurate watch conveys.

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