Monday, March 10, 2008

Profiles of the New California featuring Dr. Scott Sailor

This is a promotional radio spot highlighting some faculty and programs at California State University, Fresno


Anonymous said...

Dr. Scott:

Your blog is quite enlightening, particularly regarding the knee exam methods.

Could the methods be dangerous to a patient if done to excess or incorrectly, or without proper advance warning of technique goals?

How does a patient know in advance whether the doctor will injure them in a way that has catastrophic injurious effects?

Scott Sailor, EdD ATC said...

This person brings up a great comment. As is mentioned on the blog/podcast - "This blog is used to post instructional videos which can be used to learn various techniques used to assess orthopedic injuries. The content is not supplied as a form of self diagnosis." The site is designed to be used by those trained to administer the tests. They are anticipated to be used as review and confirmation of techniques learned by students studying medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, and nursing. They are not intended to be used as training so an untrained person can diagnose an injury - their own or that of someone else.