Monday, March 31, 2008

Watch reminds you of your own mortality

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Just in case you forgot the Grim Reaper has an appointment with you in the future, there is a new watch that never lets you neglect that little fact. While the concept may seem a little morbid, the idea is to remind the wearer that life is short and you should take the time to smell the roses while you are still here.

The watch is called The Accurate and is designed by Crispin Jones. While looking like most analog watches, the thing that sets this timepiece apart is the hands of the watch. The hour hand reads “remember” while the minute hand displays “you will die”. The face of the watch is also mirrored so that your image is reflected while you look at the time. This is apparently so you can’t deny who the mortality message is aimed for.

Priced at $145 dollars, The Accurate comes with a 12 month guarantee from defects. Unfortunately, life holds no such guarantee which I guess goes back to the message The Accurate watch conveys.

Read more at Watchismo.

Baby Boomer Animation

Walt Handelsman

This is a great little animation.  I have been blogging about the Y Generation.  Perhaps we should give equal time to Boomers.  Enjoy!
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Im Starting This Foundation So Inner-City Youths Will Have The Pole-Vaulting Opportunities I Never Had

The Onion

I'm Starting This Foundation So Inner-City Youths Will Have The Pole-Vaulting Opportunities I Never Had

Take a look around at the state of our schools, the violence on TV, and the drugs on our streets, and you'll see why so many of our children are...

AppleInsider | Apple developing full-fledged digital lifestyle fitness companion

Check out this use of the iPod and iPhone.  Pretty neat.

Electronics maker Apple Inc. is developing a digital fitness companion system based around its iPhone and iPod touch players aimed a helping americans, and folks in general, live a healthier and more fit lifestyle

AppleInsider | Apple developing full-fledged digital lifestyle fitness companion
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One-Uped by my Niece

On the week that I got to be the Profile of the New California (see previous post) my niece Natalie Nelson scored a photo in the Fresno Bee.

Just kidding about the jealousy. I am proud of Natalie. What a great servant's heart.

Fresno City College student Natalie Nelson sells Kids Day editions of The Fresno Bee at the corner of McKinley and Blackstone to benefit Children's Hospital Central California.

Special edition

By Louis Galvan / The Fresno Bee
The secret to get people to reach into their pockets for money is to make them laugh, said Javier Segura, one of about 4,000 volunteers who turned out Tuesday to sell the special Kids Day edition of The Fresno Bee to benefit Children's Hospital Central California.

Reality Church?

Dan Kimball (Vintage Faith Church) has an interesting post on the cycle of frustration and disillusionment that so many in the church world journey through from time to time. Check it out. I know it is a little sad but it also is a bit comical. Are the stages related to maturity? Interesting concept.

Check it out here


I don't know where to start with this post. I am an avid listener to several podcasts and one of them discussed this book. I visited the website and was amazed at some of the data this book collected. Many Christians will find this information painful. It could produce feelings of hurt and anger. The methods for addressing these issues are definately debatable but, other than potentially methodology which is difficult to challenge considering it is Barna Group, I don't see much ground to stand on debating "perception." It is what it is. What do we do about it?

Check out the website at
A useful overview is the "Quick Reference Research Summary."
There is an interview with Gabe Lyons from CNN on YouTube.

I would love to hear input. Help!

Gen X Nostalgia Marketing

Sarah Sladek - CEO & President of Limelight Generations distributed some interesting information regarding the reasons why we are seeing a return of the 80's. I think she brings up some interesting points. Here is her post -


Have you noticed? The ‘80s are back.

This week I was interviewed by National Public Radio for a story on marketing to Generation X through nostalgia. And while nostalgia marketing has been referred to as a trend, it is indicative of a significant shift in consumerism.

The Transformers movie is just one the latest—never mind the biggest—piece of ‘80s nostalgia that's been recycled. The film's producers took a reported $150 million gamble on a movie that targets Generation X, a generation characterized as cynical, unsentimental, and incredibly difficult to engage and entertain.

The movie was a hit, not to mention the re-introduction of toys like Care Bears, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Dolls, GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Rubik’s Cube.

On television, we’re seeing Bionic Woman and Knight Rider resurface. In music there’s The Police reunion, George Michael appearances on a new television series, and Super Bowl performances by ‘80s icons like Tom Petty, Prince, and Janet Jackson.

So what does all this mean for business? It means Generation X has moved into a position of purchasing power. For the past few decades, Baby Boomers have held most, if not all, the purchasing power. The Xers are now making an influential step up to the cash register, and the return to the ‘80s is an obvious attempt to reach these savvy, skeptical consumers.

Here's why nostalgia marketing works with Xers :

Xers, now ages 27-44, are experiencing their first quarter-life crisis. Nostalgia marketing recaptures the feelings of a simpler and happier time, when they weren’t paying off huge mortgages and balancing their careers while raising small children.

Gen X has been dubbed as the Family First Generation and their largest purchases revolve around their homes and their children. Xers like introducing their children to the icons and images of their youth and sharing that experience with them.

Generation X is the first generation to trust their peers more than anyone else. They are skeptical of advertising and marketing schemes and they aren’t brand-driven or trend-driven consumers. Xers make purchasing decisions on what they know and trust, which is why ‘80s nostalgia has resonated with them.

The Xer consumer is difficult to reach, but offers unprecedented opportunity for those businesses that can prove themselves relevant and meaningful to this generation.

Consider Wii, the video gaming system that’s selling out nationwide. Wii has been incredibly popular with Xers because it is family-friendly and simple to use, making it reminiscent of the Ataris they grew up with and also meeting their demands for family-friendly entertainment.

The purchasing power is shifting to a younger demographic. Does your business have what it takes to reach this elusive, emerging consumer market?

Time will tell.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Profiles of the New California featuring Dr. Scott Sailor

This is a promotional radio spot highlighting some faculty and programs at California State University, Fresno

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Brian Regan - Emergency Room 2

This is too funny!

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Brian Regan - Emergency Room 1

Isn't this the truth?

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