Friday, March 02, 2007

Fear Not, My Favor Rests in You

I recently have been listening to some Andy Stanley podcasts from North Pointe Church located outside of Atlanta. I actually am reviewing the Christmas series from last year called Choosing Christmas. I am often challenged by Andy's teaching. I am so pleased that my buddy Pat Callahan got me interested in Andy.

At the end of the first week's message from Choosing Christmas Andy posed the question - "What if God spoke to you personally and said 'Fear Not, My Favor Rests in You'"? How would that affect you?

I know I started thinking about how I had just been empowered as a superhero of some sort. I could actually feel my back straighten up and my chest puff out. I can envision me wearing a cape, turned slightly to the side, with my fists resting on my hips. Doesn't it make you sense that you would be invincible? It is really awesome to think about.

The reality is that God has already said this to us. His favor was "rested" on us/in us when he sent His son to die for us. How can we live this out? How different should we be living our lives knowing that God has taken favor in us.

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