Wednesday, November 19, 2008


ThatsMyFace offers your own 3D face from two images

by Matthew Humphries posted on November 19, 2008 8:30 am

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like in a few years time, or when you start getting really old, then may be able to help. They have introduced a service where they will produce a 3D image of your face taken from just two pictures you upload.

The production of the face is free and just requires a shot of your face looking into the camera, and one of your side profile. This is then converted into a 3D mask for you to view. After that you can start doing some manipulating including the following options:

* Find out what you look like at age 20, 40, or 60
* Change yourself to be African, Indian, Asian, or Caucasian
* Change you gender
* Produce a caricature of your face to highlight the distinctive features
* Be shown your facial asymmetries
* Be awarded an attractiveness rating
* Locate other people who look very similar to your face

ThatsMyFace also aim to make some money out of this service by offering you the chance to buy your face in a number of different guises. These include having it lasered into a glass cube for US$29, a plastic face mask for US$49 that looks very real, and printing it on a number of items such as t-shirts, bags, or a hat. They are also branching out via relationships with other companies to offer you cosmetic surgery, or photographic services.

The 3D mask in plastic looks very eerie in the YouTube video. It would probably freak a few people out if you wore it and then took it off to reveal the same face. As it’s a free service I’m very tempted to try it out just to see how their aging process works. I’m not sure about the gender change option though.

This is a cool app. Imagine making a mask of someone's face and then totally messing around with it, etc. This could be fun.

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