Saturday, July 12, 2008

Austin Gutwein Fresno Visit

The creator of Hoops of Hope came to visit New Covenant Community Church following the inaugural year of implementing the organization's basketball shoot-a-thon fundraising format. Read about the great work they are accomplishing for AIDS orphans in Africa.

My family had the pleasure of picking Austin and his father, Dan, up at the Fresno airport and taking them both out to dinner. It was a great evening with a couple wonderful people. Austin (14) is a great young man who had a passion in his heart for some hurting kids and decided to do something about it. Austin and Dan are two of the nicest people you could care to meet. It was really special for my family to have spent some time with such great people.

Austin is the featured guest at New Covenant Community Church on Sunday July 12, 2008 where a check will be presented to him for Hoops for Hope. The funds were raised by nearly 150 people, mainly kids, who got sponsors and shot baskets last night.

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