Saturday, March 19, 2005

Introduction to a blogging sailor!

Most communication mediums begin with the end-user in mind. Blogging goes against those conventions drilled into us by our English and Speech teachers. While I believe there is a place for the free flowing of ideas I don't believe anyone is interesting in these ideas unless they are given some semblance of structure and context. I will attempt to apply these principles as the blog goes on.

I am a complex busy person (as are most people I have met). I have varied interests which will be reflected in these posts. I will try my best to make these linkages apparent to the reader. They are often crystal clear to me as they have myself as the common denominator. You will discover my interest in faith, family, friends, education, politics, health care, leadership, and various other areas.

I am learning to be an avid reader. My reading lists are mostly non-fiction. I will occasionally venture into fiction based on recommendation from friends, etc. but my energy for reading comes from my earnest hope that the read will enlighten my life, work, relationships, etc. I envision most of these posts will involve some form of application of my newly acquired knowledge obtained from these books and how they interact with the world as I live in it.

I will save some reading suggestions for future posts. For now the first of many posts must end. You probably have some other blogs to read now anyway. I know I do. Thank you for your time and comments.

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